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My Story

Hi there! I am Jack, and I am riding in the 2019 Pain Revolution Rural Outreach Ride (PRROR or ‘pee-are-roar’ for short). I am a pain physio, from Melbourne, Victoria. Over the next few months I will be putting in 1000s of kilometres of training, then completing the 700km ride through rural and regional Tasmania. But really, what’s this all about?

Pain is an important and vital protection function of the body, yet one in five Australians suffer with it on a persistent basis. Low back pain is the one of the highest causes of disability in working Australians, and it - along with other painful conditions (such as neck pain, headaches, and pain related to osteoarthritis) - costs our society and economy tens of billions of dollars a year.

Despite great advances in our understanding of pain, Australians suffer needlessly with persistent pain, often being over-diagnosed or over-tested in order to find a cause. Or worse – being disbelieved or invalidated by their health providers; and given the impression that it’s ‘all in their head’. The Pain Revolution is a fantastic project aiming to share the science of pain, and spread the messages of hope. Your pain is real and not just made up. You don’t have to live in fear due to back or neck pain. And you are safe to move, enjoy life and do the things you love, despite it often hurting.

But the reason I support the Pain Revolution is that it’s not merely awareness. The Rural Outreach ride is a travelling circus of education and demonstration, taking information to the people, and helping them understand their pain. Importantly, this is happening in regional and rural communities – places where there is traditionally less support for those in persistent pain. The Pain Revolution has a focus on sustainable change. Every dollar raised by the riders goes towards training Local Pain Educators in these communities to continue to teach local health practitioners and people in pain about more effective and active approaches to recovering from their pain, rather than relying on medications and surgery.

So please donate to this wonderful cause and effort. Your money will go a long way in helping the lives of Australians.

Vive la révolution!

Thank You

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